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There are only two lasting gifts we can give our children - one is roots, the other is wings

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In this brief 5-minute speaking demo, Sue Badeau talks about tools that are needed for the journey of healing children by equipping parents. (Video created by 'Two Girls Video Production.')
In this brief 5-minute speaking demo, Sue Badeau shares some reflections about rebuilding hope after experiencing trauma. (Video created by 'Two Girls Video Production.') 




BELIEVE 2017-Day 1- Fostering Hope;  June 20, 2017, First Baptist Church on the Square
Livestream :

BELIEVE 2017 -Day 2- Trauma-Informed Care Seminar: Translating Principles into Practice. June 22, 2017, First Baptist Church on the Square

AUDIO FILE: WBCL 90.3 Sue and Hector share their experience in foster care and adoption, coping with teen pregnancies, addictions, and the grip of grief after the untimely deaths of three of their children.  LISTEN NOW 


AUDIO FILE: Pysch Up Live with Dr. Suzanne Phillips Sue and Chelsea Badeau talk about their book "Building Bridges of Hope: A Coloring Book For Adults Caring for Children Who have Experienced Trauma," and offer strategies from research, theory, and clinical experience. LISTEN NOW


VIDEO: Sue talks about her new book and the joys and trials of raising 22 children on Truth of Heritage TV.WATCH VIDEO


AUDIO FILE: "Giving of Ourselves" on WHYY Public Media Dr. Dan Gottlieb talks with Susan Badeau and Stephen Post about the art of giving - as an act of love and caring and as a gift that gives back. LISTEN NOW 


AUDIO FILE: Sue discusses adoption on LISTEN NOW





Sue's Tips for Schooling at Home

Sue Talks About Celebrating Special Dates While Staying at Home

Sue Provides Helpful Tips for Adults to Talk to Children About Coronavirus

Sue Talks About Reflecting Throughout the Day

Take a few moments throughout the day to reflect, be mindful, and care for yourself even in the midst of the uncertainty created by the upheavals in our lives these days.

Sue's Upcoming Events

Events that are open to the public will include a link for registration or more information. Other events are private for the specified agency/organization only.

Breathe: Take Time for Self Care & Painting with a Purpose
Multiple dates & locations
Contact me if you want to learn how you can host one of these events

Thought Leadership Roundtable: Going from Trauma-Informed to Trauma Responsive
February 9, 2023
Zoom event - contact me for registration information
Contact me if you want to learn how to bring this event to your organization

Supporting Sibling Relationships in Foster, Kin & Adoptive Families
February 16, 2023
NEXUS-PATH - North Dakota
Contact me if you want to learn how to bring this event to your organization

Engaging & Partnering with Youth & Families
February 23, 2023
LA Department of Mental Health
Contact me if you want to learn how to bring this training to your organization

More To Come
Stay Tuned

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2022 Calendar of Events ** NEW EVENTS ADDED **

Self-Care, Learning and Fun All at the Same Time!

There is an adult coloring book craze sweeping the nation, and now, there is a very special resource available that allows you to jump in on this craze while learning about caring for children who have experienced trauma. This book, released  offers over 50 images to color while also providing all of the information and parenting tips Sue typically includes in a full day workshop.

Check it out and get your copy today!

Also, email if you are interested in a bulk-rate discount so you can provide copies to your entire support group, agency, organization or church group.

Learn more about my new coloring book here.

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