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Thank you, Davion Only

Posted by Sue Badeau on October 20, 2013 at 2:05 PM

Just a few days ago, Davion Only spoke to his church about his desire for a family.  His pleas were video-taped, and the story quickly went viral. (read more here ;)

As a parent who has adopted 20 children, 7 of whom were teens when they joined our family, AND as a lifelong advocate for all children my heart immediately went out to Davion.  I felt simultaneously proud of his courage and saddened that any child should be in such an untenbable position.  All week, friends, family and colleagues began to ask me for my thoughts about his story.  In three short words, my response is, "Thank you, Davion."

Of course, like everyone watching this story unfold, I want nothing less than an amazing, "happily-ever-after" ending for Davion's story, and I trust and pray that he will get the family that is exactly right for him.  He deserves nothing less.  I am heartened to know that over 5,000 people have contacted his agency on his behalf and I believe the family that is meant for him is somewhere in that over-flowing cup.   And I am immensely thankful to Davion for opening his heart, sharing his story and being the little spark that is shedding intense light on the fact that right here in America there are thousands of children in need of families.

So most of my thoughts turn to the thousands of other children and teens who, like Davion, need a family - and need it now.  My thoughts also turn to the system reforms needed so that children don't wait for years (as Davion did) for permanence,  families who step up and want to adopt children in need of a family won't be discouraged and turned away, and families who do adopt will get the support they need so that the adoptions "stick" for a lifetime.    It is the passion of my heart and my life's work to continue to work on solutions to all of these complex and multi-faceted challenges.  I hope that you will consider how you, too, can be part of the solution.

For more of my thoughts on this story, please read this:

And I do hope you will share your thoughts and ideas in the comments area below.  Thanks!  

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