Susan Badeau

There are only two lasting gifts we can give our children - one is roots, the other is wings


Quotes Sue Badeau brings a tremendous depth of professional knowledge and personal experience to her work, always with a focus on healing and permanency. Her trainings are always insightful and inspiring, and above all helpful to families and caregivers of children with a history of grief, loss and trauma. Quotes
Lisa Maynard, MSW
Hillside Family Finding & Adoption, Rochester, NY

Quotes "Sue's writing that comes from the soul shines with beautiful pictures, impacting insights and impressive application of God's Word. One is left inspired, encouraged and pondering on the power of God?s Word. His message clear and relevant in moments of joy, heartache and struggles sings through her writing." Quotes
Janet Perez Eckles
Inspiration Author and Speaker, Florida

Quotes Sue Badeau is a warm, engaging, and experienced consultant, trainer, and facilitator. Sue's deep personal experiences and broad professional work uniquely qualify her to bring an authentic and effective voice to system reform efforts. Quotes
Nancy Miller, National Council of Juvenile & Family Court Judges
Director, Policy & Government Affairs, Reno, NV

Quotes Susan is an speaker who brings practical experience coupled with advanced research knowledge in the field of trauma, child welfare, and caregiving to her audiences. She speaks to any level of staff with sincerity and knowledge that helps participants walk away from a presentation or training knowing what to do with the information that she has shared. Engaging and "very real", Susan uses the experience and expertise of those in the room to build new skills while affirming participants' current practice. She is an excellent curriculum developer and supports a jurisdictions practice philosophy while weaving exercises and group development experiences into training sessions. Quotes
June Cairns, MSW
Staff Development Director, DHS, Philadelphia, PA

Quotes "On behalf of the Trauma and Grief Component Therapy for Adolescents (TGCTA) Learning Collaborative Faculty, Participants and Planning team, we would like to sincerely thank you for your willingness to share your personal experience and perspective on how we can continue to build a more trauma-informed system for young people placed in Juvenile Detention Centers across the country. Partnering with you on the Family engagement and transition planning session, helped our participants better answer the question of "To ensure that youth can maintain their coping skills after release with the support of their families, can introducing trauma-informed parenting help families with reunification?". Your presentation during this session made our final Learning Session a thought-provoking and memorable event for everyone present! Quotes
Linda Gaskins, Program Manager
NCTSN, Durham, NC

Quotes "We absolutely loved the presentation . . . Permanency is one of the most important things for our CASA volunteers to understand when working with children. After your presentation, I believe it was very clear for them that a permanent, stable home should always be the goal to work towards. They really liked how you interacted with them and engaged them in a "conversation like" presentation. We really appreciate your time and effort, and will be sure to contact you for future in-services." Quotes
Amparo Montes
Youth Advocacy Coordinator, CASA DC

Quotes "Sue is by far the best trainer we have had here - maybe ever!" Quotes
Participant, Maine Permanency Values Training
Child Welfare Social Worker

Quotes "I greatly admire your dedication to the improvement of children's lives both personally and professionally. Thank you for sharing your insights with us" Quotes
Megan Schrantz
National Child Traumatic Stress Network
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