Susan Badeau

There are only two lasting gifts we can give our children - one is roots, the other is wings


Quotes When an author/trainer walks the walk and talks the talk, has experienced the joys of life and the pain of death and goes forward to share those life experiences with heart , soul and a brilliant mind, you know you are learning from a master. That has been my experience with all that Sue shares. Quotes
Bette Hoxie

Quotes I wanted to express my appreciation to you for this invaluable training you provided in Warrenton, VA. I've been in the field for just over 15 years, as both a foster care case manager and a foster/adoptive family evaluator. I came away from that training being able to utilize the information you provided in several meetings with current and prospective foster/adoptive parents and with work colleagues. At the same time, I was able to walk away with a renewed sense of commitment to working towards creative solutions which will help promote permanency for the children AND youth in foster care here in Loudoun County, VA. Quotes
Nicole Persic Semon
Social Worker, Loudoun County, VA

Quotes Thank you for coming to Virginia and for a wonderful training yesterday! I learned a lot, and some new ways to present and share information with others! I would really like to offer this training again and fill up a room as large as that with staff and parents! We would love to have you back again soon! I could listen to you all day, because you really present things in a remarkable way, that does make them easy to remember and relate to. Thanks for sharing all of the great information and incorporating props with the water bottles, the bubbles and the chocolates! Quotes
Chastity Fitzpatrick
Resource Family Consultant, Virginia Dept of Social Services

Quotes "Susan Badeau was one of the most dynamic speakers / presenters / educators that I have had the pleasure of experiencing during a workshop. Her style and knowledge made one excited and receptive about her subject matter. The information should be incorporated in DCS as policy." Quotes
Northwest Indiana Forum on Child Abuse & Neglect

Quotes I had the pleasure of meeting Sue and Hector Badeau in Philadelphia during a presentation of their story, their life and their book. I listened intently as they read excerpts that detailed their adoption experiences with some of their children. The resilience and passion behind their voices spoke to me not only as a mother but as a human being. Definitely as parents we often times place unrealistic expectations on our children about what they should be based on societies standards. Instead The Badeau family have chosen to start with a very special set of circumstances and cultivate that into something amazing! By giving us a glimpse into their lives they?ve bridged the gap between many barriers (culture, class and disabilities) just to name a few. I applaud the Badeau family for their selfless giving of love, life and family. Much continued success in all of your endeavors. Quotes
Kheli Muhammad
Parent Advocate, Children with Special Health Care Needs

Quotes Sue Badeau presented two workshops during our Oklahoma Children's Court Summit in November. She received a resounding two thumbs up from the participants fortunate enough to attend the workshop. All four sessions were filled to capacity and the evaluations included statements such as: "I'm disappointed our speaker had to rush. I would have loved to listen to her for another hour! We needed more time!" Another person wrote, "I went to both of Sue's workshops and they were extremely engaging, helpful, fun to participate in and very informative. She is a great, passionate speaker!" One final evaluation said "Great topic and great presentation. Speaker is a great story teller and illustrator of words." We will definitely invite Ms. Badeau back as a key note speaker as that was also the request of many. Thank you Sue for your passion and expertise! Quotes
Felice M. Hamilton
Court Improvement Program, Supreme Court of Oklahoma

Quotes I consider Sue Badeau the best trainer in the country on the sibling bond. Agencies change the way they do things because of Sue's involvement. At one of our conferences an Adoption Specialist called her staff to redo a sibling staffing after hearing Sue's presentation. Sue has a way of making complex issues understandable and workable. She gives folks things they can take home and implement. Sue possesses what I call intelligent caring. Quotes
Bob Rooks, Director
Florida Adoption Information Center

Quotes "Sue Badeau is a fantastic facilitator. She is capable of creating a safe and supportive atmosphere while maintaining focus and direction in difficult conversations. She helped me and many other leaders in children's Systems of Care initiatives grow in our partnership on behalf of children and families in our nation." Quotes
Jacob Ham, Ph.D.
Program Director, Beth Israel Medical Center, BI-SLR HEARTS Prog

Quotes Sue is an incredibly passionate and effective presenter. She inspired our participants to develop creative ways to include youth and families in the work that they do in the child welfare, mental health, judiciary and pediatric health care systems, and provided them with tools to make it happen. I consider Sue to be "bilingual": her personal experiences combined with her professional expertise are a unique combination that allows her to speak to and affect all types of audiences. She is a gem! Quotes
Jane Halladay Goldman, Ph.D.
Director of Service Sys, National Child Traumatic Stress Network

Quotes Sue Badeau mixes knowledge and lived experience with humor, hope & passion to create trainings and books that inspire! Vermont?s foster, kin and adoptive parents, as well as social work staff look forward to her trainings and always benefit from her practical guidance and boundless energy. Quotes
Pamela Piper
VT Foster Care/Kin Manager
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